Water Channel – System with Waterfall and Crane

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The children’s new favorite? This play equipment guarantees hours of play. Here the children can work together on the task of transporting water, sticks and other fun things. Inclusive and versatile arena for water play with locks, waterfalls and cranes. The water is supplied either with a garden hose (fixed connection at the bottom), by the children fetching and filling water into the top of the container themselves or using the tap to move the water from the last water channel to the top of the container to the waterfall. When the container is full, the water will flow over the edge like a waterfall and give speed to toys down the locks. The design, low edges and height have been specially developed to include everyone, including children with disabilities. The unique design makes it easy to get right up close with a wheelchair.

Material quility is adabted to ensure a safe and durable result over time.

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Dimensions 5.1 × 2.3 × 2 cm